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Size (Inches) XS S M L
Bust 20.50 21.50 22.50 23.5
Waist 18.50 19.50 20.50 21.50
Hip 20 21 22 23


100% deadstock houndstooth, recycled/deadstock leather buttons, deadstock silk lining and piping. This unique piece was designed with a sense of antique history in mind, created with new materials while adding a vintage narrative into every stitch. This piece features three recycled leather buttons in the front and on each wrist. Terra-cotta silk piping outlines each button hole as well as the pockets. This can be worn with a popped collar for additional deep brown texture to make it pop. Dry clean only.

The Lew Story: A sneak preview into words of wisdom from Claire Lew, "Everything you need you already have inside you." More to come with your purchase - Claire Lew, CEO of Know Your Team. Claire is on a mission in life to help people become happier at work