SHAND is a luxury womenswear brand that expresses sophistication and elegance through pieces designed around storytelling. With layers and textures, we create timeless designs that embrace our differences, celebrate our dreams, and protect our planet.

We approach each design like a work of art, crafted to be cherished for generations to come. Through sustainable sourcing of quality fabrics, releasing collections in small batches and legacy storytelling, we empower you to feel bold and brave.

We are intentional about every detail in the design process and are dedicated to crafting pieces that are as bold as the women they are named after. By weaving their personal narratives within the threads of our garments, we share their wisdom to guide your own personal journey.

By using deadstock and upcycled fabrics, buttons, and trims, we bring what could have otherwise ended up in our landfills back to life. We see the limited materials we are able to work with as a creative advantage to do more with less. Through this process, each piece becomes a work of art.

SHAND works with local and international brands to ensure we stay true to our word and don’t give up until we find the right company that meets our standards. We do the best we can, and are committed to getting even better as we grow. Below are some ways we do our best to stand out as a sustainable brand.

  • → Our clothes are made from deadstock materials
  • → Our labels are used from organic cotton and recycled paper
  • → Our business cards are made from recycled T-shirt fabrics
  • → Our tissue paper and stickers are FSC certified, acid free, and use soy based inks
  • → Our tape is made out of 100% recycled FSC certified materials, is water-activated and uses soy based ink
  • → Our postcards are made out of 100% recycled FSC materials and are completely compostable
  • → Not only are our staples reusable, they are made from over 65% post-consumer plastics; which gives plastic materials already in circulation a second life.
  • → Our boxes are made in the USA and made from post-consumer recycled content
  • → We are not perfect, but we do the best we can to give back to our environment every day


Ryan Shand is the Founder and Creative Director of SHAND, a luxury womenswear brand built on the foundation of empowering women to feel bold and brave. Her stand-out blazers and trousers are designed to support women to step into their personal power. Through sourcing sustainable materials and producing in small batches, she is intentional about every detail while giving back to our planet. Committed to evoking a sense of sophistication and elegance through SHAND, Ryan continues to build her brand as a timeless and craved line dedicated to a much larger purpose.